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Unusual Music Videos
and Fun Time Wasters!

Below is a list of unusual music videos. Most are from YouTube. I am happy to take suggestions to put videos on list. Some simple criteria. They must be a bit unusual. No full drum corps/marching band shows or brass band/wind band/orchestra concerts. Flash mob concerts are fun. If you have a suggestion, send the link to me, Dr. Jim Fox. I reserve the right to put what I think belongs on the list.

Lion King cast breaks out on an Airplane
76 Trombones BHS Chorus
Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
stranded at the airport
Trombonists from Egypt and Spain take over a rehearsal
“Kids” Gospel Quartet at Christmas Eve
Chinese flash mob star wars theme
Les Misérables Flash Mob
One Day More From Les Misérables
at a Wedding
Amazing Grace Flash Mob
Marching Band Flash Mob
1812 Overture Flash Mob
Bolero by Musicians in Spain Flash Mob
Flash Mob Dance Company Performs with Dame
Julie Andrews Recording of Do-Re-Me in Antwerp
Flash Mob of Beethoven’s 9th in Tokyo (really amazing)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring/Joy to the World
Flash Mob of US Air Force
Ode to Joy Flash Mob - Waiting for a Little Girl
to Put some Change in the Man’s Hat
US Air Force Ensemble Christmas Flash Mob
Washington DC Smithsonian
US Air Force Ensemble Christmas Flash Mob
Smithsonian 2016 (handbells, choir, piccolo trumpets)
Flash Mob en TEDxRiodelaPlata 2013
El Brindis de la Traviata de Verdi
Storm Front sings Lida Rose?
iiº i6 IV6/4 V Chords in Music Theory (if you took music
theory) busts out into Justin Bieber
Disney's Frozen flash mob at Paris CDG airport
Young Girl shows sign asking for help around Christmas
and is ignored by many, but when she is not wait and see what happens in the mall …
Main Street Barbershop Quartet - Lida Rose with ladies chorus "The Treblemakers" singing "Do I Love You?" from the Music Man (outstanding)
Flashmob Orchestres en fête ! Paris North station - Arlésienne de Bizet
Small Girl with Recorder Starts "Ode to Joy" Flash Mob in Nürnberg
Ambassadors of Harmony & The Vocal Majority
What the World Needs Now
Swan Set Performance: Rönninge Show Chorus
An amazing history performance
A Barbershop Quartet in a Day? Wow.
Bohemian Rhapsody Flashmob
Keepsake "The Entertainer"
Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah
A Cellist's Nightmare - The Piano Guys "Rockelbel's Canon"
Ohio State Marching Band Boat Ride
A Couple Play Music By Foot On the Street
Professional Dance on Giant Floor Piano!
The Lion King - Circle of Life
One Man acapella arrangement!
Comedy meets the Symphony Orchestra!
Rainer Hersch
Amanda Palmer - cell phone interruption at Symphony Hall
SWR1 hit parade with a "Stairway to Heaven" flashmob,
the popCHOR choir surprised passers-by in the Kirschgarten in Mainz.
They Tried To Kill Us (We Survived, Let's Eat!) [The Passover Song] by
Sean Altman, one of the original members of Rockapella
The Lion King Medley by Georgia Merry
Gondwana Choirs Pitch Perfect Medley
Pachelbel Loose Canon (Guitar Quartet)
The Fresno State Percussion Ensemble
performing Dill Pickles.
Johnny Cash & The Muppets - Ghostriders in the Sky
Timpanogos High Choir Sings William Tell Overture (Funny)
Look at Me - Lessons about Women by Celtic Thunder
Surprise Wedding Les Misérables Musical Flash Mob!
Random audience guy surprises Jasmine!!
James Bond Theme for Boomwhackers
"Classical" Boomwhackers
America/God Bless America
Flash Mob by the Denver Brass

Bohemian Rhapsody
Oompah Brass + orchestra
2017 US Air Force Christmas Flash Mod
British Royal Engineers Army Band
Flash Mob playing “Sing, Sing, Sing.”
Flash Mob of the Band of the Prince of Wales
Playing Colonel Bogey March
"One Test More" Univ of Texas Freshman
Engineering Final
British Army Flash Mob at Mall
during Christmas Season playing “A Winter’s Tale”
Irish Dance Flash Mob
Flash Dance Mob at DIA
Food Court Flash Mob of the Hallelujah Chorus
Pipes and Drums of the 4th Battalion of the
Royal Regiment Flash Mob
Wayzata Symphony Orchestra and Edina Chorale
Flash Mob
Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong
Flash Mob in Hong Kong Airport
Old MacDonald's Deformed Farm
Lunch Break Barbershop Quartet
Air Force Academy Band Flash Mob
Ukrainian military band (brass section)
playing a Bon Jovi song
Love Notes Sweet Adeline Quartet on
"Remote" Skype Rehearsals
RAF Marching at Train Station for Queen's
90th Birthday Celebration
US Air Force Music Jazz Ensemble
WW II Memorial Christmas Flash Mob
2014 Army Navy Drumline Battle (15 minutes)
Wonderful flashmob Verdi, La Traviata
in Amsterdam Shopping Mall
Spirit Young Performers Company
Disney Evolution
One Man Les Miserables (unbelievable)
Flashmob Stockholm Arlanda Airport
I Believe I Can Fly (fitting!)
The New Trombone Collective plays Blue Bells of Scotland at the International Trombone Festival (great playing & great fun!)
Dueling Tubas? Funny Senior Recital
Rare Andrew Lloyd Webber in Barbershop
Vocal Spectrum "Music of the Night"
Kalinka Flashmob in Kaliningrad, Russia
Barbershop - "The Stars and Stripes Forever"
LoveNotes Hooked On The Classics
Ambassadors of Harmony & The Vocal Majority - Ode to Joy With Vocal Spectrum Quartet and the Ladies Barbershop Quartet GQ.
Barbershop Quartet ACOUSTIX TV Theme Song Medley
Storm Front - International Barbershop Quartet Champions
performs Leroy Anderson's Bugler's Holiday
Directing a Choir rehearsal with almost no talking
The Trombone Meets The Bumblebee
"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Star Wars Saga Begins
Wedding Speech - Disney Medley
Choir Sings Pachelbel Canon Medley
Improvisation with street musicians during a trip to Italy
with little or no preparation
Vocal Choir performing William Tell Overture
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by Dover Steel Drum Band
Celtic Thunder - Seven Drunken Nights
Hilarious! Pachelbel's Canon in D Major!
Rule Britannia Jolly Good
Non-profit organization Amateur Arts: Lover flashmob
Aida played on a Harley - Flash mob of the
Savaria Symphony Orchestra
Bohemian Momsody - Bohemian Rhapsody PARODY
Bagpipe Holiday Flash Mob 2014
Rock 'n roll Bagpipes
Hand Clap Skit
Britain's Got Talent "Flash Mob"
Flash Mob "Hans-Sachs"-Choir and the
Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg