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30+ of the best British Style Brass Bands will completed Saturday, March 11 for the NABBA Championship in the Overall Championship Section, First Section, Second Section, Third Section, Youth Section, and Youth Open Section.

For the first time this year the contest was streamed on a "Pay Per View" basis. Personally I was too ill to attend, but the Pay Per View was a great second option.

Here are the 1st and 2nd Place Results for each division as they were announced on Saturday night:

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Sweetwater was the PRIMARY sponsor of the NABBA contest in 2017

Peter Graham who wrote the test piece for each division was given the President's Award. Mr. Graham will be the "composer in residence" for Black Dyke for 2017

Youth Open Division
2nd Triangle Youth Academy Brass Band
1st Fountain City Youth Brass Band

Youth Division
2nd Motor City Youth Brass Band
1st Fountain City Youth Honor Band

Third Division
2nd Fountain City Youth Academy
1st Milwaukee Festival Youth Brass

Second Division
2nd Fillmore Philharmonic Brass Band
1st Rockville Brass Band

First Division
2nd Pikes Peak Brass Band
1st Weston Silver Band

Championship Division
3rd James Madison University Brass Band
2nd Fountain City Brass Band
1st Atlantic Brass Band