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BrassPass is the worlds largest international brass band platform.

Our aim is to unite brass playing communities across the world with not only the very best in live streamed competition and concerts, but also new video content focussing on youth, community and championship level banding. We shall have archives of the British Bandsman on our site as well as a Hall of Fame.

We shall have live streamed competitions or concerts every month. It is a subscription channel, but also has free to air content as well.

The free content includes our radio show:
Frank Renton: Still Listening To The Band.

In the UK, the BBC ran a show called “Listen To The Band” since 1946. The show ran continuously up until May of this year and had a huge following in the UK. The presenter for the last 23 years was Frank Renton, a famous ex conductor of The Grimethorpe Band and the voice of UK brass bands.

When Listen To The Band finished on the BBC, we instantly snapped up the show and the presenter, and the new 45 minute show,
Frank Renton: Still Listening To The Band, goes out fortnightly (every two weeks) with a new episode and features the best of UK and international banding. We hope you enjoy the show.
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A word from Dr. Jim Fox and All Brass Radio.

Many Brass Band enthusiasts have never had the privilege of attending a major concert or brass band competition. Those who live in the UK, there are often concerts and contests close to them where they can enjoy hearing top-elite bands live.

If you live in Ohio or Indiana in the US, you may get to the North American Brass Band Championships held in Ft. Wayne. My guess is a lot of brass band fans do not have the privilege of hearing bands playing their very best under a strong pressure to perform.

Step in!

BrassPass is going to bring concerts and contests from all over the world. As a subscriber you will be able to watch and hear some of the premier events. And what if you are at work or asleep when the contest is happening? BrassPass will allow subscribers to watch the event up to 48 hours afterward so no event will be missed that the subscriber wishes to watch and hear.

BrassPass is quickly becoming the largest platform for presenting contests and major concerts. is using best in class recording partners which have unlimited bandwidth available with all hosting partners. Gone are the days of poor quality jitters and delays.

Many of these recordings will be held by the hosting group or BrassPass so that there will be a will be digital record of the event. If someone wants to know what is was like at these contests 30 years in the future, there will be a much larger chance it will be recorded.

You can get the
Still Listening to the Band podcast free. The rest of the goodies come by subscription from an elite all-access version to a single event version. Take a look. I was impressed — I think you will be too.
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