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The following pieces below have been arranged or composed by me, Dr. Jim Fox.


From Rage to Refuge is a dynamic brass band piece. It has a lot of three against four feeling and four against three. Large chords and an interesting interlude. The piece is based on a melody by the noted hymn writer, Mary Rose Jensen. With her permission, the melody was transformed from a unison hymn to a dynamic brass band piece by Dr. Jim Fox. Level 4+ to 5.

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This trombone trio is an arrangement of the opener from the Broadway Musical "Hairspray." It is a difficult piece and requires three excellent bone players. The first bone must be able to play quite high for most of the four minutes of the tune. In fact it comes with a the part written in Tenor Clef for those trombonists who can read that clef. It will help them by making them read less ledger lines. It has a true bass trombone piece that is fast moving and quite low. The second part is an embouchure work out.

It was difficult to reduce a full symphony score to three parts, but I think I did a relatively decent job. This arrangement is done under full copyright permission. The piece is for sale at
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  • This is a brass band arrangement of Brahms' Trio, Opus 8 (for piano, violin, viola) that uses the major themes from Movement 1.  It runs around 5 1/2 minutes long, has deep chords, running triplets, and some incredible themes. Brahms was a master at filling and changing chords by using techniques such as running triplets. 
  • Other parts are filled with full, deep chords made by the brass band that is much deeper than the original piano accompaniment and gives a unique sound that only a brass band can provide.
  • Instead of using the full Movement 1 as Brahms wrote it, just the melodies were used and woven throughout the piece.
  • It is a difficult piece with an extensive Marimba part as the primary percussion part. If after purchasing the score, you have trouble with the parts, email me at the address listed on the cover page.  The cover honors Brahms and his love affair with early trains.
The piece is for sale at Sheet Music Plus.
This is a fast two-step rag from 1908 was written by Charles Johnson. It is fast and furious at times and the melody is passed from section to section. It has several false modulations and even a false ending in the way of a 13 bar phrase replacing a 12 bar phrase. It is fun to play, unique and a crowd pleaser. Score and parts can be purchased at
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This piece is written for a standard eight-piece trombone choir. This arrangement would be perfect for an excellent high school choir or a good college choir. The top part plays above F (above the staff) consistently and the bass part plays pedal tones and would require a bass trombone player with a large bore bass trombone with one or two rotary valves.

In several places during the playback, there will be a beat or two of nothing. These are places held for chanting by the choir members such as "two three". "Come On" and "Phssssssss." The last one is trying to imitate a fading cymbal.

The piece is a fun, driving two minutes and 30 seconds worth of a rock piece. It was recorded by Queen, but various versions from the acapella version by
Completely Different Nuts to Blue Grass, Pep Band, and Marching Band versions have taken the piece and shown its full potential.

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This arrangement is for five brass instruments. Although, each part is written low brass; Bb treble clef instruments along with bass clef instruments. Trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns could be used to play the treble clef parts.

Any four low brass instruments including trombone, baritone, and euphonium and Bb upper brass could make up the ensemble. The fifth part is for BBb Tuba. All parts come in bass clef and treble clef versions. This is so a baritone player who plays in treble clef to have a part and for a subset of a brass band that reads treble clef.

It makes the arrangement very flexible. If your group has two euphoniums, one reads treble clef, two trombones, and/or four trumpets. This arrangement would work.

Sheet music can be purchased at 
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Need a fun 2-minute piece that is fairly easy to play for a low brass ensemble? This may fill your needs! It is arranged for four low brass parts and a tuba (Bb Bass). All the brass parts come in both treble and bass clef. Could be played by any combination of trombones, baritones, euphoniums, Bb Basses, BBb Tubas. Say you have two euphoniums the read treble clef, a trombone player who reads bass clef and a euphonium who reads bass clef. This arrangement is easily adaptable.

If your group is used to reading brass band parts and needs to read treble clef in all five parts. Fine. If your group reads "world" parts, you are covered. If you used a bass trombone to play the tuba part it would even serve as a trombone choir piece.

"All God's Creature Got a Place in the Choir" is a fun and simple little ditty that the smash group
Celtic Thunder turned into a fun and simple hit. A piece that everyone can tap their toe to. With five parts used, in places, it has a very deep harmonic sound and simple duets in others. All in all, it is a fun piece to perform and audiences love it. It is arranged to be very flexible for many different combinations of low brass. It can be purchased at Sheet Music Plus.
The is a low brass/brass arrangement of "Angels We Have Heard on High" that could include trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns. This particular recording uses all potential instruments. It is written in 5 parts. 4 brass parts and a BBb tuba. The brass parts could be all low brass such as baritones, euphoniums, and trombones. All the parts come in both bass clef and Bb treble clef. A treble clef baritone player could play any part and so could a trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn.

Very flexible arrangement. The carol has a natural lyrical movement to it. In places that movement was enhanced and in other places the harmony was deepened over the traditional French carol. It can be purchased at 
Sheet Music Plus.
This arrangement won a California Institute of Fine Arts competition for brass quintets.

In the early 20th century, the rag was king. Charles Johnson wrote this wonder Two-Step Rag and called it "Dill Pickles". Like most rags, it is lively and fun. People would enjoy listening to rag music while drinking Kellogg's Cheerios Beer!

This arrangement uses two trumpets, a french horn, a trombone (with several glissandos) and a tuba that occasionally has the melody. The melody is passed from part to part, it has a false ending and a false key change. It sounds like it is ending but, no, it is going on. The false key change has bars that move to different keys but when done ends up in the same key.

This is kind of handy as once each part has the fingerings for their part down, they can just keep on going. It keeps the audience alive and is a fun surprise. Purchase this piece at
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This is a march based on three patriotic hymns from the 19th Century. It gives a very patriotic sound but with some different tunes which are ultimately anchored by the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." An intricate 13 fold optional Amen finishes the tune.

If your concert band needs something new for patriotic concerts, this would be a great addition. It can be purchased at
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This is a Christian-based uplifting anthem written for SATB choir and piano accompaniment. It would be a great song for graduations, baccalaureates, or for changes in life such as accepting new members, blessing missionaries, or just inspiring lives to move forward.

The words and melody were written by Mary Rose Jensen. I arranged the SATB version with her permission.

Here are the lyrics:

Through the world’s confusion,
we hear a hopeful sound; Stories You have given tell peace and joy are found. In the One Who rose again when death had had its day; We can travel bravely for He had been this way. (Knowing You) Knowing You have loved us so, we come to You and Pray for we ask [Chorus:] Send us on Your way  Show us how to walk in grace. Keep us on the road of holy faith, Send us on Your way. If the world were perfect, not damaged by the fall, If our heart were holy,  not selfish, hard and small.

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