NABBA Results
for 2018

Complete NABBA Results and Video Interviews
of the
2018 NABBA Championships
with Interviews from some of the Participants
From the Embassy Theatre, Ft. Wayne, Indiana April 6-7, 2018

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2018 NABBA
Championship Results:

Championship Section:
Adjudicators: Stephen Bulla/William Himes/Keith Wilkinson
Set Test: As if a voice were in them... (Oliver Waespi)
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. Fountain City Brass Band: (Prof David King): 94.2/98.0/95.2 = 287.4
Kansas City, Missouri — USA
Choice Piece: Fraternity - Thierry Deteruyelis
2. Atlantic Brass Band: (Salvatore Scarpa): 93.2/99.0/92.4 = 284.6
Glassboro, New Jersey — USA
Choice Piece: Angels and Demons - Peter Graham
3. Brass Band of Central Florida: (Gareth Pritchard): 94.4/94.8/95.0 = 284.2
Mims, Florida — USA
Choice Piece: Dove Descending - Philip Wilby
4. James Madison University: (Kevin Stees): 91.0/95.2/94.2 = 280.4
Harrison, Virgina — USA
Choice Piece: Dove Descending - Philip Wilby
5. Chicago Brass Band: (Colin Holman): 91.4/ 96.2/92.0 = 279.6
Chicago, Illinois — USA
Choice Piece: Journey of the Lone Wolf - Simon Dobson
6. Tallgrass Brass Band: (Alexander Beamer): 91.8/95.8/91.8 = 279.4
Iowa City, Iowa — USA
Choice Piece: From Ancient Times - Jan Van der Roost

First Section:
Adjudicators: Allen/Wagner/Waiksnoris
Set Test: Diversions on a Bass Theme - George Lloyd
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. San Antonio Brass Band: (Dr. John Carroll) 98.0/98.0/98.0 = 294.0
San Antonio, Texas — USA
Choice Piece: The Year of the Dragon - Philip Sparke
2. Weston Silver Band: (Larry Shields) 97.0/97.0/96.2 = 290.2
Toronto, Ontario — Canada
Choice Piece: Between the Two Rivers - Philip Sparke
3. Dublin Silver Band:
(Tim Jameson) 96.0/96.0/96.4 = 288.4
Dublin, Ohio — USA
Choice Piece: Blackout - Thomas Doss
4. Five Lakes Silver Band:
(Dr. Steven Kandow) 94.2/93.0/94.8 = 282.0
Royal Oak, Michigan — USA
Choice Piece: The Essence of Time - Peter Graham
5. Illinois Brass Band:
(Stephen Squires) 93.4/93.0/94.6 = 281.0
Mount Prospect, Illinois — USA
Choice Piece: Chivalry - Martin Ellerby
6. Oakland University Brass Band:
(Kenneth Kroesche) 94.4/93.0/93.2 = 280.6
Rochester, Michigan — USA
Choice Piece: The Essence of Time - Peter Graham
7. Central Ohio Brass Band:
(Jessica Sneeringer) 92.0/95.0/93.0 = 280.0
Gahanna, Ohio — USA
Choice Piece: Paganini Variations - Philip Wilby
8. Madison Brass Band:
(Craig Mason) 89.8/92.0/93.4 = 275.2
Madison, Wisconsin — USA
Choice Piece: Journey to the Center of the Earth - Peter Graham
9. Motor City Brass Band:
(Craig Strain) 88.4/93.0/93.6 = 275.0
Detroit, Michigan — USA
Choice Piece: Trittico for Brass Band — James Curnow
10. Pikes Peak Brass Band: (Debbie Baker) 91.0/92.0/91.4 = 274.4
Colorado Springs, Colorado — USA
Choice Piece: Abbadon, The Dark Angel - Kevin Houben
11. Brass Band of Columbus:
(Brian Stevens) 88.6/94.0/91.2 = 273.8
Columbus, Ohio — USA
Choice Piece: Dances and Arias - Edward Gregson
12. Georgia Brass Band:
(Joe Johnson) 90.0/91.0/92.0 = 273.0
Atlanta, Georgia — USA
Choice Piece: Dances and Arias - Edward Gregson
13. Brass Band at Indiana University:
(Eric Isaacson) 86.4/90.0/90.0 = 266.4
Bloomington, Indiana — USA
Choice Piece: Lyonesse - Simon Dobson

Second Section:
Adjudicators: Alexander/Fedderly/Ramsay
Set Test: Frontier Visions (Stephen Bulla)
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. Rockville Brass Band:
(Nigel Horne) 95.0/96.0/96.0 = 287.0
Washington, DC — USA
Choice Piece: Tallis Variations - Philip Sparke
2. Filmore Philharmonic Brass:
(Stephen Lytle/Micah Ewing) 93.0/94.0/93.0 = 280.0
Cincinnati Ohio - USA
Choice Piece: Laude - James Curnow
3. Cincinnati Brass Band:
(Jon Noworyta) 92.0/92.0/91.0 = 275.0
Cincinnati, Ohio — USA
Choice Piece: Connotations - Edward Gregson
4. Natural State Brass Band: (
Dr. Gretchen Renshaw James) 90.8/90.0/94.0 = 274.8
Little Rock, Arkansas — USA
Choice Piece: Labour and Love - Percy Fletcher
5. Capital City Brass:
(Jim Otto) 88.0/95.0/90.0 = 273.0
Jackson, Michigan — USA
Choice Piece: Fire in the Blood - Paul Lovatt-Cooper
6. River Brass:
(Dr. Pat Stukemeyer) 89.2/90.0/92.0 = 271.2
Newburgh, Indiana — USA
Choice Piece: Festival Music - Eric Ball
7. Upper Canada Brass:
(Rita Arendz) 86.2/91.0/89.0 = 266.2
Barrie, Ontario — Canada
Choice Piece: Great North Overture (Kevin Lau) & Elegia (David Chaulk)
8. Free State Brass Band:
(Scott Watson) 85.4/93.0/87.0 = 265.4
Lawrence, Kansas — USA
Choice Piece: Trittico for Brass Band - James Curnow

Third Section:
Adjudicators: Alexander/Fedderly/Ramsay
Set Test: Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben)
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. Triangle Brass Band:
(Tony Granados) 96.0/96.0/96.0 = 288.0
Cary, North Carolina — USA
Choice Piece: Kingdom of the Dragons - Philip Harper
2. Fountain City Academy Band:
(Dr. Lee Harrelson) 94.0/94.0/95.0 = 283.0
Kansas City, Missouri — USA
Choice Piece: Trittico for Brass Band
3. Old Crown Brass Band:
(T.J. Four/Tony Alessandrini) 92.0/95.0/94.0 = 281.0
Fort Wayne, Indiana — USA
Choice Piece: Kingdom of the Dragons - Philip Harper
4. Milwaukee Festival Brass:
(Dr. Mark A. Taylor) 90.0/93.0/93.0 = 276.0
Milwaukee, Wisconsin — USA
Choice Piece: Variations on Laudate Dominum - Edward Gregson
5. Crossroads Brass Band:
(Paul Bork) 85.0/91.0/91.0 = 267.0
Franklin, Indiana — USA
Choice Piece: Purcell Variations - Kenneth Downie

Youth Section:
Adjudicators: Alexander/Fedderly/Ramsay
Set Test: Impromptu - Eric Ball
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. Fountain City Honor Band:
(Helen Harrelson/Paul Bessetti) 95.0/95.0/95.0 = 285.0
Kansas City, Missouri — USA
Choice Piece: Flashback - Jan de Haan
2. Watson Brass Band:
(Jesse Rackley) 94.0/94.0/94.0 = 282.0
Raleigh, North Carolina — USA
Choice Piece: Saga of Haakon the Good - Philip Sparke
3. Motor City Youth Brass Band:
(Bona Opatch/Toby Kmet) 85.0/92.0/92.0 = 269.0
Detroit, Michigan — USA
Choice Piece: Prelude on Laude Domini (Doug Court) & Rise of the Ancients (Ryan Meeboer)

Youth Open Section:
Adjudicators: Allen/Wagner/Waiksnoris
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. Triangle Youth Brass Band:
(Matt Edwards) 97.0/97.0/97.0 = 291.0
Cary, North Carolina — USA
Cortege De Bacchus (Leo Delibes) & The Graces of Love (Oliver Waespi)
2. Fountain City Youth Band:
(Dr. Jennifer Oliverio/Patrick Oliverio) 96.0/96.0/96.0 = 288.0
Kansas City, Missouri — USA
Pieces: Lisa Lan (arr. Harrelson) & Olympus (Phillip Harper)
3. Triangle Youth Academy Brass:
(Robin Gorham) 95.0/95.0/95.0 = 285.0
Cary, North Carolina — USA
Pieces: Valerius Variations (Philip Sparke) & Four Cities Symphony (Randy Newton)
4. Avon High School Brass Choir:
(Matt Harloff) 94.0/94.2/94.0 = 282.2
Avon, Indiana — USA
Pieces: La Peri (Dukas), Humoresque (Dvorak) & Dark Side of the Moon (Lovatt-Cooper)

Ten Piece Ensembles:
1. Pikes Peak Versatile Brass - Pikes Peak Brass Band (98)
2. JMU Ten Piece Ensemble - JMU Brass Band (96)
3. Bottom Bucket Brass - Illinois Brass Band (95)

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Dr. Jim Fox
Reporting for and

To Read the Report on 4barsrest Click Here.

The 2018 Championships are over and the results are listed above. 2018 was a banner year in many different ways. In the Championship Section some extraordinary "heavy hitter" bands showed up for the contest. Former multi-year winner "The Brass Band of Central Florida" showed up for the first time in several years. Always one of the finest bands representing NABBA.

Again, the Championships were held in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in the majestic Embassy Theater. I sat in several parts of this magnificent theater and the acoustics were wonderful anywhere in the auditorium. The judges had seats in the balcony (the bands were blocked from view from the adjudicators) and many of the band members chose to sit in the huge balcony area.

The Embassy Theater is a majestic palace with a long and glorious 90 year history. Many concerts have been held there in the last century. Today, many Broadway shows perform at the Embassy along with many, many other talented groups. The day after the NABBA contest, the theater hosted the Canadian Brass who played along with a local high school jazz band, the Ball State University Jazz Ensemble and the Ball State Wind Ensemble. For $10 we enjoyed more music before heading for home. It is a great venue and many talented groups and bands performed there over any given weekend!

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The Fountain City Brass Band from Kansas City has been one of the best bands coming from NABBA in the last few years. They have been in the Top 3 and mostly in the Top 2 of the Championship Section the last handful of years. 4barsrest has a system by which they rank the Top 200 bands in the world and Fountain City ranks 13th in the world - the highest of any NABBA band.

The last few years, it has been a titanic battle between Fountain City and the Atlantic Brass Band of New Jersey (ranked 56th in the world). Last year Atlantic won by a slim margin and in 2018, Fountain City once again claimed the crown.

Adding even more intensity to the Championship Division was the appearance of the Brass Band of Central Florida (ranked 115th). They have won the division several times in the last decade, but have not competed at NABBA and have put their efforts into the US Open competition which is an invitational competition held each November in Chicago.

These three bands are generally considered to be the very best bands in the NABBA area, and always show up providing the very best in brass banding. 2018 was a banner year as all three bands showed up for the NABBA contest. It was no surprise that they finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

First Division had a gigantic field of 13 bands in 2018. They came from all over the United States and Canada. This year had the 2017 division winner, Weston Silver Band and the 2016 division winner, Pikes Peak Brass band returning. In addition, some bands that have not attended recently showed up along with a first time competitor, The San Antonio Brass Band.

The format may seem a bit strange to those used to competitions in the UK and Europe. NABBA has every band play a set test piece and a choice piece in every division except the Youth Open Division. The choice pieces were from some well-known composers including Peter Graham, Philip Sparke, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Edward Gregson and Philip Harper. In several cases, two bands in a division would by coincidence, play the same choice piece.

San Antonio Brass Band traveled 2,550 miles round trip to compete in Ft. Wayne. This was their first year and they won the First Division. San Antonio was quite excited when the results were announced. Last year's division winner, Weston Silver Band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada finished second.

Second and Third Divisions always seem to have varied competitors from year to year. It is probably difficult for bands at this level who may have to travel a large distance, to come up with the money each year. In 2018 there were eight Second Division bands and five Third Division bands.

In addition there were two
Youth Divisions in which 7 youth bands participated. In the Third Division, the local Ft. Wayne area band, Old Crown Brass Band, finished third. This was a sterling achievement as they generally volunteer all weekend along with competing. As the area band, they volunteer and act as the host band giving NABBA volunteers they can count on for the entire competition.

2018 was a year filled with
University and High School Brass Bands. James Madison University (JMU) competes most years in the Championship Division. In the First Section the Brass Band at Indiana University and the Oakland University Brass band competed. For the first time to the best of anyone's memory, a Youth Band from a High School competed.

Avon High School from Avon, Indiana sent a band to the 2018 competition. Avon High School already has won state and national awards for several years in a row with their elite competitive marching band program and always finishes at near the top in the state Wind Band competition. They have an outstanding music program and the brass band is another venue in which a top player at Avon High School can expand his/her skills.

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Centre Stage Uniforms
came to the 2018 Championships bearing gifts. Gifts to the bands who placed last year and placed in 2018, Centre Stage made the award banners for every placing band. They went back and made banners for 2017 and brought banners for 2018.

I was in the area next to Centre Stage, and everyone raved about how nice it was of Centre Stage to make and give away the banners, and to do it for the 2017 winners was above the call of duty. MDs and Band Presidents could not say nice enough things about the banners. High quality, nice bright colors on a black background with a gold rod to hold the banner and Centre Stage even thought far enough ahead to bring ring connectors so the banners could easily be hung in a band room.

I had a great interview with them, but it was one of the interviews where the sound did not come off correctly. Hats off to Centre Stage Uniforms to come from the UK, at a rather large expense to start with, and then bearing gifts of high quality banners!

2018 NABBA Championships
States and Provinces Represented

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At a time when music in general, is under all kinds of pressures and reversals there is, against all the odds, at least one area that appears to be growing: the brass band movement in North America. Every year sees the birth of new brass bands around the country, a phenomenon that is productive and positive in every possible way. The North American Brass Band Association has attempted to serve this growing and vibrant movement both through its annual National Championships and wider outreach programs. 
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