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All Brass Band Radio is OFFICIALLY an iTunes Radio Station. Apple has made dramatic changes to iTunes 12.9 (the latest version). So how do you listen to the station? Easy. Go to the top menu and select RADIO. The under the FILE menu select OPEN STREAM and enter — thats it 😀

You can still do it the sort of old-fashioned way. Pick radio on the side, select the genre "eclectic" and not too far down the list is All Brass Radio.

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December Top 20 List
Published Jan. 1, 2019
As Voted on by the

1. You Raise Me Up - Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band
(Kirsty Abbots, Cornet)
2. Fire in the Blood - International Staff Band
3. Chariots of Fire - Brass Band de W
4. Life Ablaze - International Staff Band
5. Dundonnell - Brighouse and Rastrick
6. Love Changes Everything - Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band
7. The Four Seasons - Cory Band
8. A Space Voyage Special - East of England Coop Band
9. Bolero - Brighouse and Rastrick
10. Buglers Dream and Olympic Fanfare - Froschl Hall Brass Band
11. Benedictus From the Armed Man - Polysteel Band
12. Stars and Stripes Forever - Brass Band of Central Florida
13. Mars, The Bringer of War - Black Dyke Mills Band
14. Gettysburg Reunion and Finale - Atlantic Brass Band
15. Fat Bottom Girls - Ebbw Valley Brass

1. Little Drummer Boy - Brass Band de W
2. Christmas Swing - Willebroek Brass Band
3. The 12 days of Christmas (Comedy) - Straight, No Chaser
4. Russian Christmas Music - Brass Band of Battle Creek
5. Ukrainian Bell Carol - Western Reserve Brass Band

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Voices of All Brass Radio

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Alan has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!
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German Voice Promos provided by Heike Bachmann Voice Overs. She has also provided voice material at a very reasonable rate to All Brass Band Radio.

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Thanks also to Mica and Judy Calfee who generously donated their services to provide spots and special introductions. This gave some "American Voices" to the mix.
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Fusako Shiotani, a Japanese Voice-Over Artist, has provided at a reasonable cost promos in Japanese. We are happy to have her talents and gifts on the station.

Recently Donated CDs

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The Burbage Band (Buxton)
New CD "From Stage and Screen"

Midlands area champions (4th section) in 2011 and 2012. Promotion through the 3rd and 2nd Sections in subsequent years up to 1st Section in 2018 where we finished in 7th place. activities include recent CD recordings and appearances on BBC television, and popular concerts.

Established by local quarry owner Robert Broome and fellow industrialists in 1861, Burbage Band is one of the oldest brass bands in the world, and proudly maintains its original aims and objectives. The band has an unbroken history since 1861, a fact of which we are very proud as it indicates the long tradition of dedication the band has inspired and enjoyed. We were formed as a village band, with the patronage of the Church and Duke of Devonshire, to teach music without charge, provide a healthy and constructive pastime, develop community spirit and entertain. In the years around 1861 the people of Burbage were primarily employed in the local industries of limestone quarrying and coal excavator. There was much poor health and impoverishment in the area and the formation of the band was one of a number of moves by more enlightened people to improve life for the people of the village.

Our history suggests that the original hopes of those founders certainly seem to have been successful. The team and community spirit engendered among band members actually became so strong that during World War One, rather than disband as individuals were conscripted, all the members signed up and marched together to the Somme as a band. Once back from the war the band raised both standard and ambition. Indeed in the late 1920s the band became so successful that they were able to engage the famous cornet player Harry Mortimer as a professional conductor. The band name gets a mention in Harry Mortimer's popular autobiography “On Brass” as one of the very first bands this legendary figure ever conducted. Under his baton the band entered several contests in which they were successful and, under different conductors, the band has been contesting ever since. After the Second World War the number of local bands halved with the demise of Buxton Band and Harpur Hill Band, but Burbage continued to new strengths.

The current conductor of the band, Steve Critchlow, was appointed to the job in 1994 and has ushered in a period of great stability for the band. With a full line up of players, most of who have been products of the Burbage junior and training band, the band enjoys well attended rehearsal, and a busy line up of enjoyable engagements. The band is in demand as a popular concert performer, and is building an envied reputation among those who attend our concerts. In addition the band has enjoyed some contest success having been named Midlands Regional champions 2011 (4th section), best High Peak band many times at the Buxton Contest in May each year, and the winning of a clean sweep of prizes at the last Oxfordshire and District competition.

The band is indebted to the renowned Alan Wycherley for his advice and services as professional conductor, and to the world famous Foden Courtois band for their assistance with rehearsals.

The CD contains some of the best music from stage and screen, and some tracks not recorded all that often like "Happy" from the movie
Despicable Me 2, "On My Own" from Les Miserable, and the "Momma Mia Soundtrack."

The band has no major sponsors and provides great music thanks to the donors and activities like CD sales. The CD can be purchased

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Brass Band Hessen sent me
their latest CD titled "10"

The Brass Band Hessen, that is 26 brass players and 4 percussionists under the direction of their inspiring musical director Hans-Reiner Schmidt, set out in 2008 to leave their very own musical traces in the concert scene. Off the beaten path, the band cultivates the extensive brass band repertoire that is still largely to be discovered in Germany, enriching it with its own compositions and arrangements.

The identity of the Brass Band Hessen is characterized by a distinctive sound, cross-genre programs and highest quality standards. The band regularly works with internationally esteemed guest soloists. It is entertaining and at the same time ambitious concert programs, the Hessians go forth with their distinct joy of playing, and thus know how to surprise, touch and enthrall the audience.

The sustainable development of the band is shaped by Hans-Reiner Schmidt, who following his mission statement of his own sound idea and the creation of a distinctive brass band brand, tirelessly directs and promotes the fortunes of the band. The urge to make a difference, to advance the band in their prosperity and to lead them to new horizons in terms of repertoire, musical development and presence on renowned concert stages characterizes his work.

The result of this work, the Brass Band Hessen has been able to inspire visitors to several prestigious music festivals in their Hessian home in recent years and is a welcome guest at the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel, the Limburger Meisterkonzerten, the Nieder-Mooser concert summer, the Bad Hersfeld festival concerts and the big Christmas concert of the Hessischer Rundfunk. The concerts of the Brass Band Hessen are a thrilling listening experience with a very own touch!

This CD is filled with some very interesting tracks including:

Ad Astra
Overture to "The Thieving Magpie"
Interlude of the Symphonic Cantata "Sangen"
The Coffee Story
Piece for Jazz Trumpet and Brass Band (Soloist: Alex Schlosser)
Finale from Mahler's 3rd Symphony
Fabric In Brass
and I Vow Thee, My Country

Two pieces that are way too long to be played on the radio are very interesting. First, there is
Piece for Jazz Trumpet and Brass Band, I have not heard very often fine jazz playing with marvelous trumpet solos with a brass band. For jazz aficionados, it is a wonderful piece.

The second piece is
The Coffee Story. It is a 23 minute track that tells the story of coffee with both narration and great brass band playing. It is an interesting piece that goes by quickly. It does not seem like a long piece.

The three tracks added to All Brass radio include,
Finale from Mahler's 3rd Symphony, Fabric in Brass and I Vow Thee, My Country,

This CD can be purchased from the Brass Band Hesson website.
Click Here

If you donate your band’s CD
I will play tracks from the CD on the station unless it is just awful (after about 80 donated CDs I have had only one couldn’t use) and I will put the cover image above with some notes attached. The notes you can write or I will write something after visiting your website and/or reading the CD cover information. If I get a few CDs, I will have them rotate. The cover image will have a link to your band’s website or to a CD seller’s site where listener’s can buy the CD. I love donations of CDs and try to give donors as much publicity as I can.
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