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Fans, An upgrade to the apps is coming soon. I am aware of several problems. I had to pay royalties this month so there is no joy for an update this month, but one is coming soon!

Dear fellow brass band enthusiasts. For almost 12 years I have run this station. I was in a nasty car accident and I have been diagnosed this with:


Good news! Wednesday, August 24th, I will have a laser spine surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio
. The 23rd is a prep day. The surgery is on the 24th, and on the 25th the check me and send me home (my wife has to go along to drive me). They keep costs down by having a top-notch surgical unit, but no hospital. That was about the only way I could afford it. Speaking of affording things, thanks to all who have given donations. Your generosity has warmed my heart and will keep the radio station “on the air.”

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Subscription Donation

It takes several hundred dollars a month to keep the radio station running. I believe in the idea of bringing the music to with few or little advertising. If a fraction of the listeners of All Brass Radio would donate $5 a month, the station would run smoothly without any ads at all. Would you consider a small monthly donation?

Top 20 voted on Tracks for July, 2016

  1. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Hymn Of The Highlands
  2. Houston Brass Band - A Bugler's Holiday
  3. Foden's Courtois Band - Grandfathers Clock
  4. Fodens Band - Procession to the Minster
  5. Northop Silver Band - Crown Imperial
  6. Lydmet Lydney Band - Ticket to Ride
  7. Brass Band de Waldand - The Flying Doctors
  8. Pikes Peak Brass Band - Tocatta in D minor
  9. YBS Band - Dundonnell
  10. Melbourne Staff Band - Lift Up Your Voice
  11. EYMS Brass Band - Lament From Stabat Mater
  12. Melbourne Staff Band - Witnesses for Christ
  13. Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Bohemian Rhapsody
  14. Manger Musikklag - Bon Anniversaire Suite: Happy Birthday
  15. Adrian Hirst with Black Dyke Band - Old Pops Was Right! (What a Wonderful World)
  16. Simon Howell with Cory Band - Czardas
  17. New York Staff Band - All You Need Is Love
  18. New York Staff Band - Shine as the Light
  19. The Las Vegas Brass Band - Country Road
  20. Black Dyke Mills Band - Famous British Marches

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has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!

Donated CDs from Various Bands

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I was overwhelmed by generosity this month. I received several CDs from the Canadian Salvation Army Bands. They include JUBILEE by the International Staff Band, LIVE IN CONCERT by the Hamilton Salvation Army Brass Band, GOLDCREST by the International Staff Band, GLORY! GLORY! by the International Staff Band, BONE-A-FIDE by the Imperial Band with Joesph Alessi, HI COLUMBUS by the Enfield Citadel Band, FESTIVITY by the Enfield Citadel Band, SONG OF THE ETERNAL by the Govan Citadel Band, OLD TIMERS REVISTED by the London Citadel Band, ON THE ROAD by the New York Staff Band, PASTORAL SYMPHONY by the Enfield Citadel Band, VICTORY FOR ME by the Birmingham Citadel Band, A FESTIVAL OF MUSIC by the Netherlands National Band and COMRADES by the Enfield Citadel Band. What a treasure sent to me this month by the Salvation Army. All the above picture have links if you would like more information.

Several of these treasures are out-of-print and no longer available for purchase. There is some great music on these older Salvation Army Band CDs! Listen to the station to hear some of the best from the recent past!

In addition, the up and coming NABBA band, Pikes Peak Brass Band (formerly the Fountain Creek Brass Band), sent me a recent album SEIZE THE DAY. One of their tracks made the Top 10 last month. They are certainly a band to keep and eye (and ear) on in North America. I am thankful they took the time and expense to send me the album - it is filled with great tracks!

If you donate your band’s CD

I will play tracks from the CD on the station (unless it is just awful — after about 50 donated CDs I have had only one couldn’t use) and I will put the cover image above with some notes attached. The notes you can write or I will write something after visiting your website and/or reading the CD cover information. If I get a few CDs, I will have them rotate. The cover image will have a link to your band’s website or to a CD seller’s site where listener’s can buy the CD. I love donations of CDs and try to give donors as much publicity as I can.


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